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Celebrating Nurses

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…No, it’s a Nurse!

Google superhero and what should appear is the definition of nurse.

Think about it. Superheroes, like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are otherwise mild-mannered citizens, masked and disguised in capes and spandex then tricked out with a wicked set of accessories, giving them extraordinary superpowers to save the city’s most vulnerable.

But swap the cape for medical scrubs, gloves and a different kind of mask, and sub the gadgetry arsenal for iPads and other virtual tech, and you’ve described nursing staff at Kensington - overseeing resident wellness despite threats to their universe, maintaining stability and protecting the public.

When faced with danger, heroes combat adversity, saving others and inspiring those around them in moments of great conflict. Nurses are the heroes we count on when we’re sick. They help when we are at our most vulnerable. They give us expert guidance and put us at ease in difficult times, and they always lead with compassion and a smile.

Never before have they battled a more daunting foe with such selfless courage.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed these similarities, so has our community – raising more than $269,000 to support nurses and the entire league of extraordinary frontline staff.

At Kensington Health we couldn’t function without our team of dedicated nurses. If you’d like to join us in celebrating nurses, you can share a personal thank you message at foundation@kensingtonhealth.org.

Thank you to our nurses for going to infinity and beyond to keep our loved ones and community safe.

Cape or not, we think you’re all a marvel!

Posted in Community Connects on May 20, 2020